Ricardo’s Introduces new Gelatissimo ice cream menu!

Do you have a sweeth tooth for ice cream? Wait till you try the ice cream from Gelatissimo! We love it so much; we wanted our friends and family to enjoy it with us at our amazing location! And if you know this brand already, you know that it will be total enjoyment sitting on the beach looking at the sea trying out a new flavor or an old favorite!

We are about to put a number of flavors on our new menu, depending on your favorites! We asked our friends and family for their favorite ice cream flavor on Facebook already, because we really need your input to choose from this mouthwatering selection! We just can’t decide! If you didn’t reply yet – do it now to make sure your favorite flavor will be on the menu! In the meanwhile, let us introduce you to our selection of favorites!
Such a delicate flavor never gets boring! Whether you combine it with another favorite or want to enjoy the pure vanilla flavor, it’s just an all time favorite! Are you a lover of fine tasting? Then you probably can’t resist this classic flavor! We definitely can’t


This smooth and creamy gelato is for all the nut-flavor-ice cream lovers! It has an amazing texture and a unique flavor! Gelatissimo’s Pistachio ice cream is super full of rich flavor and bits so you can taste this is fresh, quality ice cream!


Are you a real chocolate lover? Dark Chocolate is definitely your flavor then! This ice cream is so full and darkelicious.. One scoop is probably not enough! Or combine it with one of the other amazing favorites!